Window Tint On My Whip

bmw-91840Yo Kevin here, wanted to make a quick post about my new BMW. Yes. I a have a brand new BMW. Its a BMW m235i it has an incredible 320 hp engine and i love it. I’ve hit speeds of 150 mph, not kidding. I know it’s stupid and i would get charged with wreckless driving but i can’t help it the car is to sweet.

Ive started adding the following customizations:

Auto Window Tint

-New light system


-Car system



As you can see in the photo above it’s legit. I can’t tell you how many looks this car gets. I feel like a celebrity and i love the attention i get. I worked hard to get this and i don’t feel bad about showing off.

This is only the beginning, i plan on moving up to a range rover and then ultimatley a ferarri. I know it wont be easy but with my hustle i’ll make it happen. You can bet that.

To truly thrive in todays market and rise above the crowds you must brand yourself as an expert in your field, if you want to be a doctor brand yourself as the best doctor in the word. If you want to be a plumber brand yourself as the best plumber in your city. Just watch how people will flock to you and the services you provide. This is how i’ve reached levels of success in every single thing i do.

It’s all about the benji’s is what i say, so whatever you do go out and be the best at what you do. That’s my word of advice for anyone out here reading this.

Be back with more news soon, and hopefully another new whip 🙂