Pursuit Of FOOD

So this week i went on an epic hiking trip in the heart of Washington called Saddlerock. It was a good hike that took a few hours. The views were amazing and i was able to snap several hundred photos on the journey. By the time i hit the top hunger pains started to hit me. I tried to shake it off but i knew if i didn’t eat soon that i would be having some serious problems.

Green grass

Green grass

I didn’t even enjoy the hike down because of the rush i was in to get some food in my belly. So once my phone had some decent service i did a search for Wenatchee Restaurants¬†and found some great places to find some good grub.

I was in the mood for some pizza but pasta also sounded good, so i found a place that had both. It hit the spot right on the money. Later that night i found a good bar to get some drinks. All in all good day.

Now for the important stuff, i started a new business venture that has started to bring in bank! I’m so close to getting my lambo i can’t stand it! I can’t wait to drive it around to flaunt my wealth. I feel that having the lambo will empower me and inspire me to make more income than ever before.

I’ve been hustling hard and won’t slow down now. Just keep following me on here and i’ll share my daily life stories. Next, i’ll probably be going on a luxurious vacation somewhere warm and tropical or possibly a ski trips at a resort with nice accommodations.

That’s it for now, i’ll scheming up new business plans like usual. Have a good week and stay on top of your goals or you’ll never make it in this life.