Investments In Towing Companies

Hey all, it’s time for another addition of my series on business investments. Today i’ll be talking about the towing industry. Owning a towing business has it’s pro’s and con’s certainly. That’s why i brought in a tow company expert David Fields. Dave has been in the towing industry for nearly 30 years so i have to say he’s as trustworthy of a source you could possibly find. Continue reading the post and i’ll give my questions to him and his responses.

towing corporate

Why did you decide to get into the towing business? 

“My father had spent some time as a tow truck driver and i always wanted to be like him so i followed suite pretty much. I also like the aspect that we’re out helping and making a difference everyday.”

How Many Years Have You Been in Towing?

I was a tow truck driver for 25 years and the last 5 i’ve been in corporate management. I miss being out there some days though! I can’t complain though.

What finances are involved in starting a towing company? 

You’ll need a fleet of trucks, a business license (depending on the state) and certifications. All in all it’s a bit difficult at the beginning but once your good your good. The day to operations become easy. I’ve helped dozens of business owners get set up with no experience so anyone can really do it. And as far as number value you’ll be looking at the 50,000-300,000 range depending on how big you want your company to be.

Closing words of advice for someone looking to start their towing business? 

Just do it baby. It may be rocky up front, but once your rolling, you are rolling. It’s a great way to make alot of money in any economy. Go ahead and give it a shot, you can always find help along the way.

End of interview.. This was sponsored by Towing New Orleans of New Orleans.

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview with Dave! Any questions just get at me on the contact page!