My Greedy Life

Hola, my name is Kevin Lewis, owner of this blog to share my life story. My greedy life that is. Yes, it’s true i can lie, i am truthfully a greedy person. I guess i always have been… I musta been born with a greedy gene. lol. But ya so money really drives my greed, i just feel like i should be the richest man in the world. I love my money and never want to share it or pay taxes. I feel like what i work for and i should keep it.

This has also made me a prisoner to money, so i guess i have a love hate relationship. If something could help me break free of my greedy ways i’d probably be a happier person. I know people hate me, but the image below reflects how i feel. lol.

My Favorite Meme

Well a little background on me:

-Born in 1987

-Born into poor family

-Greed now controls my life

-I’ve never had a real job before.

-I know run my own business in the computer niche.

I finally found my career passion in selling computers i make a lot of money now and i plan to keep that going for many, many years.

I almost only had 1 job and that was going to be doing window installations for a company called Wenatchee Auto Glass Repairs  the only reason i was going to do is because i was cool with the owner and what he stood for. I appreciated his values and outlook on life.

So to be honest i just want to use this site to share all the cool stuff i do in my life, if some want to follow along and read about what i do great, if not, no biggie. I’ll just keep hustling and getting my money up.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs of all time and motto. Haha. Audios Amigos.

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