Investments In Towing Companies

Hey all, it’s time for another addition of my series on business investments. Today i’ll be talking about the towing industry. Owning a towing business has it’s pro’s and con’s certainly. That’s why i brought in a tow company expert David Fields. Dave has been in the towing industry for nearly 30 years so i have to say he’s as trustworthy of a source you could possibly find. Continue reading the post and i’ll give my questions to him and his responses.

towing corporate

Why did you decide to get into the towing business? 

“My father had spent some time as a tow truck driver and i always wanted to be like him so i followed suite pretty much. I also like the aspect that we’re out helping and making a difference everyday.”

How Many Years Have You Been in Towing?

I was a tow truck driver for 25 years and the last 5 i’ve been in corporate management. I miss being out there some days though! I can’t complain though.

What finances are involved in starting a towing company? 

You’ll need a fleet of trucks, a business license (depending on the state) and certifications. All in all it’s a bit difficult at the beginning but once your good your good. The day to operations become easy. I’ve helped dozens of business owners get set up with no experience so anyone can really do it. And as far as number value you’ll be looking at the 50,000-300,000 range depending on how big you want your company to be.

Closing words of advice for someone looking to start their towing business? 

Just do it baby. It may be rocky up front, but once your rolling, you are rolling. It’s a great way to make alot of money in any economy. Go ahead and give it a shot, you can always find help along the way.

End of interview.. This was sponsored by Towing New Orleans of New Orleans.

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview with Dave! Any questions just get at me on the contact page!





Pest Control Investment

So, as i continue investing into to company’s this time i want to talk about Pest Control. Yep Pest control services! I recently found out how profitable owning a pest control company could be so i made some calls to business associates and gathered as much information as i could, to discover if a pest control business would be the right fit for my next investment.


I was finally sold after talking to a trusted source of mine called Joey Diaz. Joey has been in the pest industry for a dozen years so i trusted him when he said i could make a lot of money investing into pest control. Joey himself owns 3 pest control businesses across the east coast. I took the wisdom he gave freely to me to heart and moved forward with my decision to go into business.

Basically what’s needed is a licensed technician, a spray truck, spray tanks, and chemical. These are the basic essentials to making it happen. You’ll find that if your trying to grow you’ll want a receptionist, a website, advertising budget and more. I may consider creating a free course teaching you exactly step by step what to do.

Here is a very informative video on Pest Control Services:


As you can see from the video, you can pick up some great tips on how to run an efficient, profitable business. For us, we are busy advertising and networking to get the word out about our services.

There are more strategies we will be testing in the months to come. Stay tuned and i will update on the success and failures i’ve experienced. Overall, this is just a growing experience for me. My goal is to make at least 1 million dollars in profit my first year but i believe that 2 million is actually attainable.

That’s it for this post. Have a good to you all.


Roofing Company Investments

Hey all, wanted to give an update on my latest business venture: Investing in roofing company start ups. I do this by finding a location where weather conditions permit regular roofing maintenance, repair, and new installations.

Roof Companys

Here’s the starting and investing process in detail for you:

There are a number of roofs that need to be replaced and it’s always in demand. Getting involved in the roofing business gives lots of opportunities.  To start a roofing business the actually work you put in is difficult but getting the business off the ground and running is relatively easy. I’ve had a number of mentors that i’ve sought out guidance from that approve of this venture i’m pursuing. All you need is some hustle and team of skilled contractors. 

Here is one of my mentors, with his video:

A large number of homes and commercial buildings need regular roof repair & replacements.  Due to the weather roofs can be damaged or they may start to weaken no matter what the precautions you can may take or attempt.  To rack up money from damages, starting a roofing company the basic staple to capitalize. All you need is a basic license in with a little bit of a from money I’m planning on making my roofing companies profitable and ultra-successful. 

The best way to get roofing business is by advertising.  the only way you can customers is by advertising and selling.  TV, newspapers, and magazines are great advertising avenues but the best in my own opinion is do ardvertise and market online with social media. 

Next what you need to do is create and have a portfolio. Having a portfolio of work that you’ve done is a great way to show your potential clients that you can provide an excellent Roofing Service. A great example of a company doing this right is Wenatchee Roofing

Well, i hope this post was helpful, if you decide to invest in to a roofing company this should give you some great points to start with.

If you’d like to talk more about the roofing business specifically, leave a comment on this post or reach out to me via email.. Im here to help anyone succeed if i can!

To your success!

Pursuit Of FOOD

So this week i went on an epic hiking trip in the heart of Washington called Saddlerock. It was a good hike that took a few hours. The views were amazing and i was able to snap several hundred photos on the journey. By the time i hit the top hunger pains started to hit me. I tried to shake it off but i knew if i didn’t eat soon that i would be having some serious problems.

Green grass

Green grass

I didn’t even enjoy the hike down because of the rush i was in to get some food in my belly. So once my phone had some decent service i did a search for Wenatchee Restaurants and found some great places to find some good grub.

I was in the mood for some pizza but pasta also sounded good, so i found a place that had both. It hit the spot right on the money. Later that night i found a good bar to get some drinks. All in all good day.

Now for the important stuff, i started a new business venture that has started to bring in bank! I’m so close to getting my lambo i can’t stand it! I can’t wait to drive it around to flaunt my wealth. I feel that having the lambo will empower me and inspire me to make more income than ever before.

I’ve been hustling hard and won’t slow down now. Just keep following me on here and i’ll share my daily life stories. Next, i’ll probably be going on a luxurious vacation somewhere warm and tropical or possibly a ski trips at a resort with nice accommodations.

That’s it for now, i’ll scheming up new business plans like usual. Have a good week and stay on top of your goals or you’ll never make it in this life.


Window Tint On My Whip

bmw-91840Yo Kevin here, wanted to make a quick post about my new BMW. Yes. I a have a brand new BMW. Its a BMW m235i it has an incredible 320 hp engine and i love it. I’ve hit speeds of 150 mph, not kidding. I know it’s stupid and i would get charged with wreckless driving but i can’t help it the car is to sweet.

Ive started adding the following customizations:

Auto Window Tint

-New light system


-Car system



As you can see in the photo above it’s legit. I can’t tell you how many looks this car gets. I feel like a celebrity and i love the attention i get. I worked hard to get this and i don’t feel bad about showing off.

This is only the beginning, i plan on moving up to a range rover and then ultimatley a ferarri. I know it wont be easy but with my hustle i’ll make it happen. You can bet that.

To truly thrive in todays market and rise above the crowds you must brand yourself as an expert in your field, if you want to be a doctor brand yourself as the best doctor in the word. If you want to be a plumber brand yourself as the best plumber in your city. Just watch how people will flock to you and the services you provide. This is how i’ve reached levels of success in every single thing i do.

It’s all about the benji’s is what i say, so whatever you do go out and be the best at what you do. That’s my word of advice for anyone out here reading this.

Be back with more news soon, and hopefully another new whip 🙂

My Greedy Life

Hola, my name is Kevin Lewis, owner of this blog to share my life story. My greedy life that is. Yes, it’s true i can lie, i am truthfully a greedy person. I guess i always have been… I musta been born with a greedy gene. lol. But ya so money really drives my greed, i just feel like i should be the richest man in the world. I love my money and never want to share it or pay taxes. I feel like what i work for and i should keep it.

This has also made me a prisoner to money, so i guess i have a love hate relationship. If something could help me break free of my greedy ways i’d probably be a happier person. I know people hate me, but the image below reflects how i feel. lol.

My Favorite Meme

Well a little background on me:

-Born in 1987

-Born into poor family

-Greed now controls my life

-I’ve never had a real job before.

-I know run my own business in the computer niche.

I finally found my career passion in selling computers i make a lot of money now and i plan to keep that going for many, many years.

I almost only had 1 job and that was going to be doing window installations for a company called Wenatchee Auto Glass Repairs  the only reason i was going to do is because i was cool with the owner and what he stood for. I appreciated his values and outlook on life.

So to be honest i just want to use this site to share all the cool stuff i do in my life, if some want to follow along and read about what i do great, if not, no biggie. I’ll just keep hustling and getting my money up.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs of all time and motto. Haha. Audios Amigos.